The Most Comprehensive dataset of African Governance.

The Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) is a tool that measures and monitors governance performance in African countries. Explore and compare over 300 measures of data yourself using this data portal.

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The IIAG - Four key components

In the IIAG, country performance in delivering governance is measured across four key components that effectively provide indicators of a country's' Overall Governance performance.

These are:

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  • Public Perception of Overall Governance

    About Citizens’ Voices

    As citizens are the recipients of public leadership and governance, the assessment of governance performance of the IIAG is accompanied by the Citizens’ Voices dataset in an effort to contextualise the official and expert assessment data in the IIAG with the reality on the ground as perceived by citizens.

    MIF has been working with and supporting Afrobarometer, the leading pan-African research institution conducting public opinion surveys on the continent, and the 2022 IIAG framework gives these more prominence. Formerly scattered at various levels in the IIAG, citizens’ assessments of various governance components are now highlighted in a Citizens’ Voices section, providing a comprehensive 'reality check' to complement the IIAG results.

    This section mirrors the IIAG categories and provides public perception data on the closest proxies to the IIAG measures. However, whilst these measures are available to compare across the IIAG, it is important to note that their scores do not form part of the calculation for Overall Governance.

    About Quick Selection

    Use these links to quickly select multiple measures at once.

    Please note that this will not select any measures from the Citizens’ Voices section. To add those, simply scroll down to Public Perception of Overall Governance and use the quick select options there.